Hot Air Balloon Advertising  

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Successful marketing is all about catching the eyes and capturing the hearts of your prospects – and nothing does this quite like a hot air balloon advertising!

At Exclusive Ballooning, we have over 20 years of experience in hot air balloon advertising, providing and operating near to fifty hot air balloons for clients across the globe every year.

As a result, these clients (the BBC, London’s West End and Disney, to name just a few) have seen benefits such as an increase in revenue, greater networking opportunities, new and rejuvenated business leads and much more!

But don’t just take our word for it…

“Exclusive Ballooning’s idea of digitally printing the Sloggi campaign onto balloons had never been done before. The project has been running for five years and we have had six balloons for both Sloggi and Triumph brands which have visited over 20 countries across four continents. Professional, friendly and expert pilots, Exclusive Ballooning also instinctively know where to find the press angle from any situation which has helped gained significant media coverage from the project. Every question is answered with the words Sloggi, Sloggi, Sloggi…”



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Our services include:

Balloon branding

Whatever shapes, colours, sizes or logos you desire, and whether you want to send your balloon skyward or keep it on the ground, our expert team of designers at Exclusive Ballooning have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.


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Social media

At Exclusive Ballooning, we’ve truly harnessed the power of social media alongside our balloon branding capabilities, including Facebook live feeds and YouTube livestreams, to help brands build and connect with a bigger audience than ever before.


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TV and Aerial Photography

If you’ve ever spotted hot air balloon advertising on the TV, chances are, it was probably one of ours! Our entire team – from our designers to our pilots – are fully media conversant and ready to get your branded balloon seen in homes across the country – or even the world.


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