Fly Penguin

Breaking records with Puddles the Penguin…

We wanted to do something a bit different for our 15th birthday, so we decided to challenge our Facebook audience to design a character balloon and turn the winning design into a real balloon. The result was Puddles the Penguin, based on a character by UK artist Tom Moore.

Built using a combination of special lightweight fabrics, load tapes and a brand-new envelope design and lying over a Tekno bottom end, Puddles is already breaking records as the world’s lightest special shape balloon at 70,000 cubic feet and just 62kg. And because hot air balloon special shapes are a great way to stand out from the crowd, Puddles has caused quite an impact at balloon festivals across the globe…

Puddles and the #FlyPenguin project was so successful that the following year, we built him a girlfriend; Splash. Together they have been the star attraction at balloon events on four different continents.

In September 2017, we added to the continued success of this project with the ‘birth’ of their first born #TallSteve who was unveiled at our Longleat #SkySafari event.

Find out more about our Penguin adventures or how hot air balloon special shapes could help your business stand out from the crowd, connect with us.