Projects and Events

In addition to our client programmes, we also love to produce our own creative hot air balloon advertising projects and events.

From project #FlyPenguin and being the first to fly in every U.S. state to our annual Exclusive Cup SkySafari® at Longleat and the official Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta®, there’s always something exciting going on in the Exclusive Ballooning calendar.

Below, we’ve shared some of our favourite hot air balloon projects and events. If you’d like to find out more about corporate hospitality at one of our events, flying as a guest in one of our balloons or utilising aerial hot air balloon advertising designs to promote your brand, connect with us today.

In 2016…

Our #FlyEveryState project secured us a Guinness World Record for flying a hot air balloon in all 50 US states, which had never before been achieved.

The following year…

Our Cross Channel flight broke an existing Guinness World Record by taking 82 hot air balloons across the English Channel from Dover to Calais.

For our 15th anniversary…

We challenged our 50,000 Facebook followers to design a character and the winning design would be built into a full-size hot air balloon. The result of this was Puddles the Penguin and our continuing #FlyPenguin project, which now includes special shapes Splash and Tall Steve.

We are also proud to be…

The organisers of both The Longleat Sky Safari® and The Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta®.

Held at Longleat Safari Park, our Sky Safari® is now the largest annual balloon event in the UK with over 200 balloons attending the four-day family event. The Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta® is an established annual landmark on the London social calendar and sees up to 50 hot air balloons fly over central London to raise awareness and funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal charities.

Fancy finding out more?

To learn about our hot air balloon advertising designs, projects and events in more detail and how you can get involved, simply get in touch with our team today!