Aerial Marketing

Get people talking about your brand…

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset – so why trust us with it?

Exclusive Ballooning is the world’s number one aerial marketing specialist with a proven track record and a wealth of client testimonials to show it.

With our resourcefulness and imagination, you can always count on us to find that PR angle and get across the brand message you desire!


We operate up to 50 hot air balloons for clients across the world.

We specialise in maximising your brand and marketing opportunities through aerial marketing.

From banner advertising on a single corporate flight to a global product launch using multiple special shape balloons, whatever your marketing needs, we’ve got the solution for you.


Imagine how many people would see your balloon each time it flies over a major city….

Add to this the number of people who would see it at a large outdoor event and all the media coverage that could be generated in one year…

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Now consider adding the opportunity to fly corporate guests, entertain the media and potentially raise large sums of money for charity – all at no extra cost.

Sounds even better, right?


Where will our balloons take you?

A typical national programme with Exclusive Ballooning could include:

There are also additional flights across the UK you can explore, as well as the chance to fly prize winners, staff or customers, too.

Internationally, there is a wealth of major events to attend, from the Tour de France to the Skiing World Cup as well as large international balloon fiestas…

The possibilities for your aerial marketing truly are sky high!


Ready to launch your aerial marketing campaign with us?

Whether you want to attend a one-off UK balloon event or set off on a 365 day worldwide tour with a dozen special shapes, we can cater to your every want and need. Connect with us today to find out more…

See your brand soar