Pilot Training

At Exclusive Ballooning, we’re not just about breathtaking stunts and unforgettable images. We’re also proud to offer hot air balloon pilot training to the next generation of balloon pilots at our flight school in Italy.

At our Italian base just south of Turin, our English speaking BBAC qualified instructors can help you with your hot air balloon pilot training and attain your license or hour building within a short space of time. Not only that, but we can also arrange an examiner to be present at the end of your stay.

We recently taught TV’s Dom Joly to fly in just nine days.

Learning to fly a hot air balloon to private pilot license (PPL) standard is relatively straightforward. You just need to:

Be medically fit

Fly a minimum of 16 instructor hours

Fly an aviation check flight with an examiner

Undertake a solo flight in the presence of an examiner (following a successful check flight)

Pass five written examinations

We recently taught TV’s Dom Joly to fly in just nine days.

We can even provide accommodation, assist with travel arrangements, help with the ground school and arrange written exams. In addition, we can also help with independent advice regarding purchasing new or used hot air balloons together with all the ancillary equipment needed to learn to fly – or if you’d prefer, you can rent one of our balloons.

Our flight school is close to airports in Turin, Genoa, Milan and Nice, so it’s easy to get to from the UK – and with key skiing destinations and the Cote d’Azur nearby, you could even combine your training with a holiday! If you’d rather complete your training in the UK, we can do that too.

Whatever you want from your hot air balloon pilot training, connect with us for more information.