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It’s time to lift your hot air balloon marketing campaigns off the ground with social media!

Thanks to social media, hot air balloon marketing campaigns are now more instant, cost effective and easier to measure than ever before.

From live broadcasting on Facebook and position reports on Twitter to breath-taking Instagram photos and YouTube videos of the countryside below as the balloon sweeps across the sky, there are so many new and exciting ways to engage with your audience.

With over 50,000 online followers and our events and campaigns regularly trending on Twitter, it’s safe to say that we know how to harness the power of social media here at Exclusive Ballooning.

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People photographing and filming hot air balloons on a beach, representing Exclusive Ballooning’s expertise in hot air balloon marketing campaigns.


We’ll elevate your hot air balloon marketing campaigns with social media tools such as:


Live broadcasting

Facebook’s live streaming offers an amazing opportunity for your followers and brand advocates to engage with your events and enjoy your balloons, even when they can’t be there in person.

Here at Exclusive Ballooning, we follow Facebook’s live-streaming best practices for broadcasting live videos and events, and combine this with our years of experience to ensure your live video is nothing short of dazzling.

Story sharing and linking

Facebook and Instagram stories have taken the social media world by storm, and are a fantastic way to engage with your audience!

From photos and captions to video snippets and links, we’ll be sure that your balloon and event gets spotted – whether it’s right up in the air or down on the ground.

High-quality photos, recorded videos and content

Quick, visual content is social media’s primary form of communication – but it’s important that what you share captures the attention of your audience so they don’t scroll on!

Here at Exclusive Ballooning, our media team have all the tools and know-how to take phenomenal photos and video of your balloons to show them in their absolute best light.

Of course, while a picture tells a thousand words, written content takes this further by getting people talking! So, whenever we share a photo or video of your balloon or event, we’ll be sure to pair it up with some truly enticing content.


A filming crew at a hot air balloon event, representing Exclusive Ballooning’s expertise in hot air balloon marketing campaigns.


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From social media tours to viral campaigns or simply generating brand content for your website, the truth is that balloons are irresistible.

Balloons make people smile – and balloons make people share, spreading your message, promoting your brand and delivering optimum visibility, allowing you to engage with existing followers as well as recruit new ones.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you build your audience through impactful social media endeavours and hot air balloon marketing campaigns, connect with us today!

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