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Exclusive Ballooning is the World leader in Aerial Marketing, operating  in over thirty five countries across six continents.

Since our inception in 1999, we have grown to operate in over thirty-five countries across six continents, providing businesses from a plethora of backgrounds and sectors with a unique and unforgettable marketing experience.

Whether you’re in banking or entertainment, manufacturing or media, our aerial advertising in the UK has everything you need to share your story in a truly powerful and awe-inspiring way. We know how to get the picture that the press will love – and have the track record to prove it!

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We have had the pleasure of providing our services to some truly remarkable clients throughout the years at Exclusive Ballooning, all of whom who have achieved phenomenal success as a result.

Just some of our recent clients and balloons include:

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With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, we have become by far the leading marketing and aerial advertising UK specialist in the world, as demonstrated by our proven track record and client testimonials.

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The Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta® to Longleat Sky Safari® is the official, twitter-trending ballooning event of the City of London – and the brainchild of Exclusive Ballooning!

It’s a truly remarkable event that not only raises money and awareness for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, but is one of the highlights of London’s social calendar. You really have to see it to believe it…

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There are a number of very large balloon fiestas in the International calendar, and we can structure a schedule for you whether you want to attend a one-off UK balloon event or a 365-day full scale worldwide tour with a dozen special shapes. 

Exclusive Ballooning operates balloons in


across six continents

Exclusive Ballooning operates balloons in over 35 different countries across six continents, including the USA, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, UAE and Madagascar. All of these operations are run in house from our offices in the UK, Italy and the USA, allowing us to ensure consistency in the quality of our product.

Exclusive Ballooning has the proven track record to deliver for your brand