Exclusive Cup visits North Somerset

The Exclusive Cup hot air balloon competition, the largest of its kind in Europe, is being hosted in North Somerset, UK this summer.

The event, now in its 14th year will see balloons take to the skies across North Somerset with pilots utilising winds to steer their balloons and score results using markers.

Balloons of all shapes and sizes will participate in the event, launching from secret locations around the region in order for the event to comply with COVID regulations.

North Somerset Council leader Councillor Don Davies said:
“The Exclusive Cup competition in North Somerset is unique, and we are delighted to support Exclusive Ballooning to provide this extraordinary event.”

Andrew Holly, Operations Director of Exclusive Ballooning said:
“At a time when restrictions are still in place, this mass balloon competition is something that everyone can safely enjoy from their homes.
Whilst we’re unable to share the launch information to allow people to gather at the launch site, we think this will add to the mystique of the event and create a special experience for all to enjoy.”

For more information on the event, as it takes place:
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