Midlands Air Festival 2019

At the weekend Adelaide the Koala and Simbaloo the Longleat Lion flew to Nuneaton with the world famous Ricoh the imagine. change. balloon to take part in the second Midlands Air Festival. The special shape balloons were amongst many aerial displays including helicopters, classic jets and an aerial ballet.

The Festival was hosted on the beautiful and historic landscape surrounding Arbury Hall which included tethers, a night glow and mass ascents. Alongside the balloons there was a variety of food stands for the crowd and activities to entertain the kids.

On the Friday night Ricoh lit up the sky in the night glow amongst other balloons and special shapes; pleasing the crowds whilst attracting press and social media followers.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the special shapes Ricoh, Adelaide and Simbaloo flew in the mass ascent on the Saturday night over Nuneaton and on the Sunday morning . You may have seen them soaring over Bedworth! This attracted crowds both within the Festival and lining the sides of the roads around the event to watch the incredible site.

Picture Credits: Exclusive Ballooning and Steve Caie