Maiden Flight For New Special Shape Ricoh Hot Air Balloon

Ricoh’s imagine.change. special shape hot air balloon is one of the most recognisable balloons in the world having served well for over seven years and visiting balloon festivals and sporting events throughout the UK.

Thanks to Ricoh’s continued commitment to hot air ballooning, a brand new Ricoh imagine.change. balloon was launched this morning from the historical and picturesque Berkeley Castle.

With calm winds and stunning blue skies, the maiden flight lasted over an hour and a half and could be spotted over Berkeley and the surrounding areas.

Flying through the Vale of Berkeley and along the banks of the river Severn, the final landing spot was alongside Exclusive Ballooning’s HQ in nearby Breadstone making for the perfect first test flight.

G-IMCH is a British Built Lindstrand Technologies Series 1 special shape with a volume of 105,000 cubic Feet. Enough to house a Ricoh Printer for every household in Reading or enough Ricoh Theta V2. 14MP 360 Cameras for the entire combined populations of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Iceland, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Montserrat and Exclusive Ballooning’s home town of Berkeley.  Yep, that’s how big this is!

This new special shape will be seen all over the country at events throughout the year and we look forward to the adventures this special shape will have over the next seven or more years to come!