A Historic View of Stonehenge…

Exclusive Ballooning had the honour of tethering the English Heritage hot air balloon at the incredible, historic site of Stonehenge this morning.

The striking red and white balloon rose in to the air next to the towering stones, an opportunity that hasn’t been offered to the public ever before.

Inflating at sunrise, the hot air balloon gave tethered rides to English Heritage’s VIP guests, who won a competition providing them with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Attracting a substantial amount of attention from commuters and passers-by, the balloon began tethering at 7am, through until 8.15am, accommodating around 30 guests.

The stone monument, at 5,000 years old was the launch site of the English Heritage balloon’s maiden flight in September last year, and is one of the many renowned landmarks you can see this balloon at throughout the year.