Bristol Balloon Fiesta Press Launch

Our Renishaw and Fortnum and Mason hot air balloons launched this morning amongst over twenty other hot air balloons to pay tribute to Concorde. The jet’s first British flight launched from Filton in April 1969, making this the 50th anniversary for the passenger jet! This flight also marked the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta press launch.

Our G-RENI hot air balloon is a well known site in the South West by being a popular wheelchair accessible flight that flies regularly near our head quarters in the local area.

Our Fortnum and Mason hot air balloon was perfect for the sunrise flights as the gold foil decoration with Fortnum and Mason’s bespoke colours caught the light beautifully.

Both of our hot air balloons launched in the early hours of the morning had a spectacular flight taking in the views of the South West which was made even more spectacular with the ideal flying weather of blue skies and light winds. We also waved good morning to the commuters on the M5.

Our hot air balloons will see you this year at the 41st Bristol International Balloon Fiesta at the Ashton Court Estate.

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