Wallace & Gromit’s Moon Rocket Balloon Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it?

Ballooning is the safest form of aviation but you should ensure to choose a highly experienced operator to fly with. We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority operator number UK.DBO.229 for your reassurance.

Our pilots are amongst the very best not just in the UK but the world with thousands of hours of flying experience.

Is there an age limit?

Children between eight and sixteen years old must be accompanied by an appropriate adult or guardian. We are unable to fly anyone aged seven years or younger. There is no upper age limit for flying, anyone of average health is able to fly.

Am I fit to fly?

People with a serious medical condition or those who have undergone surgery recently should not fly, unless your GP is able to produce a certificate of health declaring you are fit enough to undertake a balloon flight. Our Pilots are not qualified to assess your medical fitness. You should be able to get in and out of the basket unaided and be able to stand for the duration of the flight.

If you have concerns about your fitness for a flight, we would always recommend that you consult your GP.

How many passengers can fly in the Wallace & Gromit Moon Rocket?

The Wallace & Gromit Moon Rocket can accommodate a maximum of pilot plus two passengers, subject to individual weights and basket space. 

How many people will be on the flight with us?

As we only offer private charter flights, you will be in the balloon alone with the pilot for the ultimate private experience.

Where do you fly from?

We fly from the Vale of Berkeley, Gloucestershire providing stunning scenic views.

What do I wear to go ballooning?

You should simply wear the same clothes as if you were going for a walk in the countryside at that time of year. High heels and flip flops are not permitted, shoes or boots are recommended. If you are tall or balding, a cap is a good idea.

Can I take my camera?

Of course. Ballooning is the perfect platform for video and photographs but please note personal effects are carried at your own risk. For passengers with camera-phones, all phones must be switched off during the flight or switched to flight-safe mode, thereby enabling you to use the camera function.

I’m pregnant, can I still fly?

We are not permitted to fly passengers who are, or think they may be, pregnant. Please contact the office as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

Can my friends and family watch the launch of the balloon?

Yes, of course, they will be made welcome by the pilot and crew.  If your friends and family wish to follow the balloon after launch, please let the pilot know as they can be briefed on how best to do this. Once the balloon has landed, they must remain with their vehicle and not enter the landowner’s field as once the balloon has landed we will be on someone else’s property. We have to seek permission for the retrieve vehicle to enter their land in order to recover the balloon via an agreed route.

How long does the flight last?

Flights generally last around an hour with the entire experience lasting approximately three hours which includes your return to the launch field. Please let family or friends know if they are collecting you after the flight.

Am I insured?

Yes you are fully insured with our comprehensive passenger liability and third party insurance. Please note that your personal effects which include cameras, mobile phones, binoculars etc are carried at your own risk – we cannot accept responsibility for any damages or losses incurred during a flight.

How do I get back to the launch site after the flight?

Your flight crew will follow the balloon during flight after the launch of the balloon. They will help recover and pack the balloon away after the flight. If you would like transport back to the launch site after the flight they will be happy to give you a lift back afterwards.

What happens if the weather is bad or the flight is postponed?

The office will contact you 24 hours before your flight with regards to the weather forecast and if the flight can proceed or needs to be postponed. If the flight is postponed we will rebook the flight on a mutually convenient date. If the flight is confirmed, please make your way to the launch field as instructed.

Please be aware we only proceed with flights if we believe there is a good probability of us safely undertaking the flight; however, sometimes the conditions can differ to those forecast and we may occasionally cancel on the field. In this event, we will rebook the flight for a future date.

How long is my flight voucher valid for?

All flight vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Please note all flight vouchers are non-refundable. Only in exceptional circumstances and where the passenger has shown clear and a reasonable number of attempts to take their flight within the 12 month validity period will a refund be considered.

What happens if I land in a muddy field?

This is something that we consider when making the decision to fly – ground conditions are assessed when the pilot on duty is making the final weather call.  We need to retrieve the balloon from the landing field as well as our passengers and therefore your safety and comfort are taken into account.

How can I make a donation to The Grand Appeal charity? 

When booking a flight, passengers do have the option to add an additional donation which goes to The Grand Appeal. The full amount of your balloon flight will be retained by Exclusive Ballooning to cover Exclusive Ballooning’s costs of operating the flight in the balloon. Where passengers choose to donate an additional amount, over and above the cost paid to Exclusive Ballooning, that amount will be collected by Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation (registered charity number 1043603) directly from passengers. Exclusive Ballooning will provide Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation with the contact details of the lead passenger making the booking, in order that they can liaise with passengers in relation to any donation.

Alternatively, you can make a donation via the website here.

Can I hire the Wallace & Gromit Moon Rocket for an event?

Yes, you can hire the Wallce & Gromit Moon Rocket balloon for your corporate event, village fair, family fun day or a private event such as a birthday party or wedding, for either a tethered display or a flight. For more information about this, please connect with us here. 

Where can I see the terms and conditions for the flight voucher?

The terms and conditions for the flight voucher can be found here.