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TV / Film / Photography

Ballooning is a very stable platform for photography and film work. Exclusive Ballooning are very experienced at working with the media and recent work has included stunts for ITV's Guinness World Records show and also Richard Branson's Rebel Billionaire programme. The latter involved two balloons tied together with contestants walking a beam between the balloons. Then, a further stunt, Richard Branson and two contestants climbed the larger balloon on rope ladders and took tea on top of the balloon, something that has never been done before or indeed since. All of this made astonishing TV.

We also worked with the Land Registry on pictures for their new website. The brief was very specific with the aim of flying over certain precise areas in order to get the required shots and recently worked on the Cadbury Bubbly TV commercial.

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"Andrew Holly and his team went out of their way to help us in our coverage of the ballooning event at Pidley last September, inflating balloons and laying out equipment purely for the benefit of the cameras, and giving us a series of live and entertaining interviews with pilot and back-up team alike. It was a great pleasure working with them."

Nick Higham BBC News



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