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youtube logofacebook logotwitter logoWith the advent of Social Media, your hot air balloon advertising and marketing campaign is now more instant, more cost effective and easier to measure than ever before. The key tools being Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which, when combined can be very powerful for delivering the correct demographic to your website.

All activities can be broadcast via Twitter with position reports of the balloon and timings of future events, all of which can be retweeted around the world. Our Twitter feed from our recent cross channel world record was picked up live by the BBC and resulted in telephone interviews on landing which in turn spread to newspaper and TV interest.

Pictures of the flight together with position reports can be posted live from the balloon on the balloon's Facebook page. This encourages interaction and also pushes people through the Facebook page to your main website. Interaction can also be encouraged by placing banners on the balloon pushing people who see the balloon to tweet or follow the Facebook page.

Finally, once each activity has been completed, YouTube can be used to post a video record. Hot air balloon advertising and marketing is so visual and Facebook, YouTube as well as sites like Flickr soon become filled with pictures and videos of your balloon and of course its' brand message. Competitions and promotions can be based around spotting the balloon and posting to Facebook or Twitter.

A case study of a recent social media campaign for Rowntrees can be seen by clicking here. The Rowntrees Foamy Gnome has over 250,000 followers on Facebook and we do not need to tell you how valuable that can be!

Exclusive Ballooning also has over 20,000 dedicated Facebook followers....!

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