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Manufacturing Pedigree

Manufacturing Pedigree

A small team built the first modern hot-air balloon in Europe in 1966 some 183 years after the Montgolfier brothers gave man his first taste of controlled flight taking off from Paris in 1783. The balloon of 1966 was built of modern day synthetic materials and used a burner powered by bottled gas instead of the line-paper fabric and open brazier employed by the Montgolfier brothers. By 1971 ballooning had become a business and today the UK is responsible for much of the global hot air balloon sales.

Most recently, a UK designed and built balloon became the first ever in history to fly around the world non-stop. The Brietling Orbiter 3, as the balloon was known, was a larger jet-stream capable version of the Roziere that had been used to make a successful Atlantic Crossing in 1992. It is now displayed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA.

Another UK Roziere balloon was later used by Steve Fossett to make the first succesful solo balloon flight around the world.

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