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Can my Company afford a balloon?

Banner advertising can start from as little as a few thousand pounds with a fully branded company balloon potentially costing as little as £10-15k. A full UK marketing programme will cost nothing in comparison to what you may spend on billboard advertising.

The cost of a full UK marketing programme can also be spread across the financial year, branding packages costs can sometimes be spread over several years.

What will it look like?

Sometimes less is more. Remember that the balloon may last for up to ten years so balloons are generally less suited to offer led advertising. We will be happy to advise you and even show you how best to utilize your artwork on a balloon.

Call us or better still, email us your logo or artwork and we will prepare an artists’ visualization for you free of charge and without obligation.

Can I change the artwork on the balloon during it’s life?

Depending on the type and amount of artwork, it may be possible to change for instance a telephone number or website. Most complicated artwork is printed or cut into the fabric and it is often the case that it may be more cost effective to redesign the entire envelope (the artwork canopy of the balloon).

Where can I take it?

A balloon is suited to attending outdoor events of almost any type. There is a balloon fiesta somewhere in the UK almost most weekends of the summer. The Bristol International Fiesta for example has an attendance of approaching 500,000 people as well as international media. Other types of event may be as diverse as a golf tournament, a cricket match, a music festival, Formula one GP, air shows, town fetes, agricultural shows... the list goes on and on.

Geographically speaking the balloon can go wherever you want it to. It can be flying in Italy one evening and be in London the next day. We can help you devise a list of events that would be suited to your balloon.

We have experience in operating balloons professionally in many different countries - over 30 in fact over five continents so the limit really is only your imagination. Schedules for our clients have included the London Marathon, the Tour de France, F1 in San Marino, beach Volleyball in Portugal, World cup skiing in Scandinavia, tethering in front of the Worlds tallest building, Taipei, ballooning competitions in the USA, Africa, Mexico and Japan as well as balloon fiestas throughout the world.

The day to day running of you balloon will be managed from our head office in Gloucestershire, UK, although we also have a European base in Italy and a new base in the USA.

Exclusive Ballooning has become Europe’s leading aerial marketing specialist and several clients have also moved existing balloons to us as they relish our enthusiasm, proven track record and originality combined with our very realistic pricing structure.

Can I target a specific area with a balloon?

Yes - we can arrange geographically specific areas, Internationally, nationally, regionally or indeed even intensely local campaigns through either balloon branding or aerial marketing or even a mixture of the two. Call us on +44 (0)1453 511280 for more info or email us here.

Can I fly my staff, customers and other guests?

Yes - A benefit of balloon advertising is the addition of the potential for unforgettable corporate entertaining. Flights can be followed with champagne and branded flight certificates and we can also offer further corporate hospitality at events.

Can I combine the balloon with other advertising media?

Yes - in fact we strongly advise you to. A picture of the balloon in your newspaper advert or web campaign, a radio competition to look out for your balloon etc. The balloon can even have it’s own specific website or social networking site. Printed media and radio stations love to give away balloon flights and this can be a good source of valuable editorial space for you, they can never resist printing a picture of the balloon because they know that the public loves a photogenic balloon.

Can I give away balloon flights?

If you are branding or banner advertising we can take your guests flying and they can even receive champagne upon landing. We do not however offer stand alone individual balloon flights.

Our company are interested in having a balloon but do not know anything about operating one?

We can cover every aspect of the balloon’s operation for you but will not leave you in the dark. It is important to us that you understand how a balloon will work for you and this will help your marketing department get the most out of it.

The day to day running of your balloon will be taken care of from our Head office in Gloucestershire, UK, we also have an office based in Italy which covers our southern and eastern European operations.

Do we need our own PR department to get the most out of the balloon?

No. we can take care of all publicity and PR for you if you prefer. However, for larger UK campaigns, it is likely that you will may have your own PR department and we will be happy to co-operate and work with them to maximize your press involvement.

We are interested in raising money with a balloon, can this be done?

Yes. In fact, working with one of our clients we have helped raise over £3,000,000 for charity by utilizing the spaces in the balloon and it’s attendance at various Corporate Social Responsibility events. Call us on +44 (0)1453 511280 for more information or email us here.

Our company already has a balloon, can you operate it for us?

We would be very happy to look at operating the balloon for you and provide you with a quotation including a projected schedule. This would be without either obligation or charge and in confidence.

Exclusive Ballooning has become Europe’s leading aerial marketing specialist and several clients have moved their existing balloons to us as they relish our enthusiasm and originality combined with our very realistic pricing structure.


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